Project Billing
Block-of-the-Month Billing Dates

Credit Card Billing for Blocks-of-the-Month

At Texas Quiltworks we offer quality projects at the very best prices by eliminating Registration Fees and Shipping (some exceptions apply) and Handling Fees. For us to do this consistently, we've adopted proven recurring billing strategies using Authorize.Net, the leader in online billing and security.

When you register for a Block-of-the-Month your first block will be charged upon receipt of your order. We do this to fully register you for the project. Your next charge will be for your second block a few days before it is shipped. See the chart below. Again, we do not charge registration or handling fees. Shipping may apply. Once you register the project cannot be cancelled. Please make sure you are committed to completing the project before registering.

Our billing system has identified which week each month your project is scheduled to ship. It then determined four billing dates each month which correspond to a specific date 3 to 7 days prior to your block's shipment. This is the date on which your payment will be charged.

In this way we can assure that your payment has cleared prior to shipping your block, also giving you a chance to update your billing record with new expiration dates or any other detail that may have caused the charge to be declined without delaying the arrival of your block. (You will receive an email notice if an update is required.) Once billing is complete the project will be shipped.

The specific charge dates are as follows:
Ship Saturday Charge Date
1st Saturday 26th of the month (prior to 1st Saturday)

2nd Saturday 5th of the month (prior to 2nd Saturday)

3rd Saturday 12th of the month (prior to 3rd Saturday)

4th Saturday 19th of the month (prior to 4th Saturday)

The use of consistent billing dates meets the requests of many of our Customers to bill on the same date each month.

We appreciate your confidence in our services and look forward to providing you with great projects and excellent service.

PayPal No Longer Available for Blocks-of-the-Month

PayPal does not allow us to set exact bill dates for Blocks-of-the-Month which you should expect for your projects. Therefore, we request that PayPal not be used when ordering these projects. The use of a Credit Card will insure proper billing for your projects.

We gladly accept PayPal for any item or group of items that do not contain Block-of-the-Month projects.

Price Averaging for Block-of-the-Month Projects

The variation in monthly costs for projects and in particular laser cut blocks presents a pricing problem for us and for you. If we used the actual costs each month to price, your charge would vary each month as much as 200%. We don't think this is a good plan for you or Texas Quiltworks.

Our pricing provides for the same price each month for the entire project. Similar to using an average utility bill across the year. You can now budget your project billing each month without having to worry about a varying amount. Because of this, o
nce you register the project cannot be cancelled. Please make sure you are committed to completing the project before registering.

Please email if you have questions: ContactUs